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问. 发布广告需要多少费用?
答. 发布广告是完全免费的。

问. 在发布广告之前是否需要注册帐户?
答. 不需要,只需点击发布广告的按钮,然后按照提示操作即可。 点击发布广告

问. 如何删除或修改广告?
答. 欢迎透过点击链接与我们客服联系洽谈细节。 联系客服!.

问. 我有自己的企业,并希望在你的页面上张贴我的商业横幅用于广告用途。
答. 欢迎透过点击链接与我们客服联系洽谈细节。 联系客服!.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Q. How much does it cost to post an ad?
A. It is completely free!

Q. Do I need to register an account before posting an ad?
A. No, simply click on post a new ad button and follow the prompts. Click Here!.

Q. How do I remove or edit my ad?
A. Contact us using our contact form. Click Here!.

Q. I have a business and would like to have my banner on the page.
A. Contact us through our contact form. Click Here!.