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亚洲产品(食品) 推广员 food demonstration promoter


    Date   14/01/20   Location   Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast Author    Recruit-HR Views   545  


    亚洲产品(食品) 推广员 food demonstration promoter

    About the Role
    We are looking for food promoter contractor to help us promoting the Asian food products and introducing the public with easy cooking Asian ingredients. This is a casual position that will require you to work 4-6 hours/ week (or more hours depend on the promotions schedule). You will need to be available during the weekend days as well.


    Your duties will include but are not limited to:
    Setting up and performing in-store demonstrations ;
    Perform basic food preparation, such as boiling, food sampling and or simple stir-frying;
    Introduce the products or the cooking method, and answering any customers questions, and promoting the product sales;
    Able to properly handle the cooking equipment, transport and store the equipment according to safety standard requirements;
    Stock management and inventory count;

    - 在指定的促销地点搭建简易展示台,预备展示材料及用品等;
    - 可以进行简单的烹饪料理, 比如水煮,准备食物样品或者简单的煎炒等;
    - 可以向客人简单的介绍食材或烹饪方法,并现场解答客户的问题,积极促进产品销售;
    - 了解如何安全的携带、运输及使用烹饪设备;
    - 管理及盘点推广使用产品和材料库存;

    About You
    Have working rights in Australia;
    Fluent in both English and Chinese language is strongly preferred.
    Current Australian drivers licence and have your own vehicle;
    Have an ABN number or willing to apply for one;
    Passionate about food and cooking, having outgoing personality and can interactive with customers and leading them through a positive food try-out experience;
    Good presentation and friendly attitude;
    Punctual and reliable;

    - 有合法工作权限;
    - 中文流利并能熟练的用英语沟通;
    - 拥有有效澳洲驾照并有自己的车辆;
    - 持有ABN 或可以尽快申请到ABN 号码;
    - 对食物及烹饪有兴趣,性格开朗可以与客人产生互动,并能使消费者对推广的食材有积极的试吃体验;
    - 具有亲和力和良好的表达能力;
    - 准时可靠;

    We will provide all the necessary training and marketing materials to help you succeed in the tasks. This is a good opportunity for anyone who wants to extend their experience in FMGC industry and gaining more retail working experiences.
    If youre interested in this role then please apply by sending your English CV to : inquiry.au1@gmail.com

    AD #4276


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